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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Ceramic Ball Bearings Benefits

  • bearings. Ceramic ball bearings are used in applications where reduced friction is more of a concern than the tensile strength of the ball bearings. Ceramic ball bearings are often used in Rollerblades and skateboards and other applications where high speed and low friction is desired. Ceramic ball bearings are not actually ceramic, but solid silicon nitride.


  • Solid ceramic ball bearings are lighter than traditional steel balls. This means that less force is exerted on the outer race groove (the band around the ball bearings), creating less friction, allowing the bearings to move faster. They also require less energy to maintain the desired speed. Ball Bearing, Ball Bearings , Deep Groove Ball Bearing


  • Ceramic ball bearings have a smoother surface than steel ball bearings, which creates less friction, allowing them to spin faster.


  • Ceramic ball bearings don't heat up like steel balls. They have better thermal properties than the steel balls. Heat buildup causes bearing degradation.


  • Ceramic ball bearings are harder than steel ball bearings, making the ceramic ball bearings last up to 10 times longer than steel ball bearings.

    Little Lubrication

  • Ceramic ball bearings require little lubrication. The ceramic bearings aren't affected by oxidation or chemical contact.