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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Ceramic bearing advantages of the classification and Analysis

Ceramic Bearing

Glossary: zirconia all-ceramic bearing

Full ceramic bearing with anti-magnetic insulation, wear-resistant, oil-free self-lubricating, heat-resistant alpine etc.,? Can be used for extremely harsh environments and special working conditions. Rings and rolling bodies with zirconia (ZrO2) ceramic materials, maintaining uses Teflon (PTFE) as a standard configuration, the general can also use the glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (RPA66-25), special engineering plastics (PEEK, PI), stainless steel (AISISUS316), copper (Cu) and so on.

Full Ceramic Bearing Silicon Nitride

Silicon nitride ceramic bearing rings and rolling the whole body using silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic materials, maintaining uses Teflon (PTFE) as a standard configuration, the general can also use the RPA66-25, PEEK, PI, as well as the phenolic clip cloth bakelite tubes. SiN4 compared with full-ceramic bearing ZrO2 material suitable for higher speed and load capacity, and apply a higher ambient temperature. At the same time can provide high precision and high rigidity for high-speed precision ceramic bearing spindle, the maximum manufacturing precision up to the UP-level P4.

Filled, full ceramic ball bearings

Filled, full ceramic ball bearing side of the ball with Tim gap, due to cage-free structure design, you can load than the standard structure of many ceramic ball bearings, so as to enhance capacity, it also can avoid the restrictions Cage Material can be achieved by ceramic cage type full ceramic bearing anti-corrosion and temperature effects. The series not suitable for high speed bearings, the installation should pay attention to the gap surfaces are installed in one end does not bear the axial loads.

Full ceramic bearing ceramic cage

Ceramic cage has a wear-resistant, high strength, corrosion resistance and self-lubricating the advantages of ceramic cage made full ceramic bearing can be used strong corrosion, high temperature and high vacuum and other harsh environments. Commonly used ceramic material for the ZrO2 , Si3N4, or SiC.

Hybrid ceramic ball bearings

Silicon nitride ceramic balls, especially the ball with a low density, high hardness, low coefficient of friction, wear-resistant, self-lubricating, and good rigidity and other characteristics, especially suitable for high-speed, high accuracy and long life of hybrid ceramic ball bearings rolling body (inside and outside the ring the metal). Generally used inside and outside the ring bearing steel (GCr15) or stainless steel (AISI440C), ceramic balls can choose ZrO2, Si3N4, or SiC material.

The advantages of ceramic bearings

We first thought that ceramics is commonly used utensils at home, with the development of technology inherent physical properties of ceramics has been applied to many industries including bearings industry. Here to introduce the advantages of the ceramic bearings!

First, because the ceramic is almost afraid of corrosion, therefore, ceramics Rolling Suitable for corrosive media in the covered work under adverse conditions.

Second, because the density of ceramic rolling the ball lower than steel, more should be much lighter weight, so rotation of the centrifugal effect of external ring can be cut by 40%, thereby significantly longer service life.

Third, the impact of ceramics by thermal expansion and contraction than steel is small, and therefore a certain gap in the bearing, may allow the bearings in a more dramatic temperature changes in environment.

Fourth, as the ceramics of high elastic modulus than steel, when the force is not easy deformation, it is beneficial to improve the speed and achieve high accuracy.

In conclusion, due to ceramic bearings in the application there are so many advantages, so the major manufacturers, such as imported bearings: SKF bearings, NSK Bearings, FAG bearings are related to this area and launch of the product.

Ceramic bearings and compared to the advantages of steel bearings


In recent years, countries, both inside and outside of the ceramic bearing research and development has achieved fruitful results and substantive progress. In the machine tools, chemical, aerospace and other fields has been applied and play a magical effect.

Than the all-steel bearings with ceramic bearings are magical advantages:

1, high speed and acceleration - can be dn values more than 3 million under the conditions of operation, and the skid, wear and heat can be reduced;

2, long life, resistance to wear and tear - all ceramic bearing fatigue life expected to be 10-50 times longer than steel bearings, hybrid ceramic bearing, steel bearing life than the life of a high 3-5 times;

3, the required minimal lubrication - ceramic materials with low friction coefficient, using oil lubricated ceramic bearing, in the lubricant thinning or depleted oil cases, the lubrication of steel bearing capacity of not less than the commonly used traditional lubricant;

4, corrosion-resistant - ceramic materials as inert materials, it is more resistant to corrosion and wear;

5, rigid - a result of ceramic materials of high elastic modulus, its rigid than ordinary steel bearing large 15-20%;

6, temperature - all-ceramic bearings can work at temperatures above 500C;

7, torque and low - according to the structure of ceramic bearing torque decreases by about 1 / 3;

8, non-magnetic non-conductive - Ceramic bearings can be free from magnetic, electric damage.

With the in-depth research and a large breakthrough in manufacturing technology, ceramic bearings in high speed, high temperature, corrosion and other fields will be very considerable prospect.