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Development Of Bearing Steel Market Demand

Recent years, China Bearing The rapid development of industry, Bearing Increasingly optimistic about the market, thereby driving increased demand for bearing steel, bearing steel become a highlight of excellent steel market.

According to China Bearing Industry Association, the nation's 116 enterprise groups bearing industry and major business statistics, from January to May, producing a total of 107 companies 498 400 000 sets of bearings, up 10.51 percent over last year; bearing product Pin Sales potential of 483 million units, up 7.99%; bearing export sales of 1.85 million units, up 4.55%; accumulated industrial output value of 7.6364 billion yuan, up 25.64 percent over last year; industrial added value 2,357,400,000 yuan, up 20.91%. At present, China has become the world's largest bearing producers.

According to industry analysis and forecast of China's bearing a huge market, especially the rapid development of domestic industry, the host will provide a larger bearing industry market space. Last year, the machinery industry were to maintain the industry trend of rapid development, such as construction machinery, heavy mining, agricultural machinery, instruments, machine tools Tool And other machinery industries increased greatly, and some growth rate of 28%. The first half of this year, the added value of machinery industry rose 27.3% off than them CNC machine tools, Fork Car, shovel soil transport machinery, power generating equipment, metallurgical equipment, metal rolling equipment, the average increase of 50% or more; machinery exports increased 46% year on year. Thus, stimulating the demand for bearings. Again, natural gas, electric power, and the South, the Three Gorges, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo 2010 a group of national key projects such as mechanical and electrical package bearing the required demand for the market to build a huge bearing platform.

Bearing market continues to expand, but also brought bearing steel market and business opportunities. Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation is the five steel production base of bearing steel, bearing steel sales booming in recent years. Last year, five developed a high-quality steel bearing steel, such as cars, trucks, speed bus bearing steel, bearing steel production increased 23.8% over the previous year new. The first half of this year, the company's bearing steel production has reached 7.8 million tons, up 35.3%. Newly developed ultra-pure cold-drawn bearing steel material to provide the world's largest miniature bearing manufacturer Minebea Company, for the air conditioning, high-speed silent bearing steel production, and has never users. Jiang Xing Cheng Special Steel Company produces high grade bearing steel, the annual sales of 30 million tons, accounting for one third of domestic consumption, the world's third-largest crowd in bearing steel production enterprises.

Future domestic bearing market will expand. Expert analysis, by 2005 China will produce 3.0 billion sets of bearings, industrial output value reached 31 billion yuan. At present, China already has the production capacity of 24-25 million units, of which General Bearing oversupply. "15" period, the bearings supporting host in the automotive, motorcycle, home appliances, tractors, rail vehicles, metallurgical and mining machinery, petrochemical machinery and textile machinery. China's export prospects for the bearings is expected to export in 2005 up to 18 million units, earning 9-10 billion. Thus, bearing significant increase in demand for steel. 2005 forecast domestic steel consumption will reach bearing 1.2 million tons, compared with growth of at least 20%.

However, the quality of the future market for bearings, noise and service life requirements are high, thus bearing the same bearing steel industry has put forward higher requirements. For example, the machine tool spindle with precision bearings, precision bearings aerospace, computers and video recorders and other special bearings, bearing these products are very demanding. But now bearing steel-made physical quality is not stable, noise and affect the bearing life and performance indicators to improve, resulting in the internal and domestic bearing surface quality and the developed countries there is significant difference between products. To this end, some domestic steel mills to meet the needs of the market bearing is further scientific and technological activities. Five steel smelting companies in optimizing the quality of a basis, Silver Steel Bars stripping technology research and analysis and quality control of surface defects, high-quality bearing steel research and development; development of high-tech and high-reliability and passenger railway locomotive bearing truck bearing steel to meet the requirements of Passenger Trains.