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The Provincial Key Technical Innovation Project ¡¶High Quality Clean Bearing Steel¡·from Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd has Passed the Acceptance

Qinghai key technical innovation project acceptance meeting was held at meeting room of Technical Quality Department in Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd on December 16, the acceptance experts group of this project composed by Hou Jun & other seven persons from Western Mining and the relevant responsible persons from Qinghai Economic Commission made the acceptance for the technical innovation project ¡¶High Quality Clean Bearing Steel¡·which was assumed by Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd.

At the project acceptance meeting, reporters from this project team of the technical quality department made the detailed introductions about this project's backgroud¡¢ major technical content & innovative parts,¡¢main technical researching work¡¢economic benefits¡¢promotion etc. to the experts who had participated this meeting.

With China's shift from the bearing steel manufacturing country to bearing steel manufacturing giant, the demand of high quality clean bearing steel¡¢cold drawn bar and tube will have a significant increase. The requirment of hot rolled bars for high quality clean bearing steel is particularly urgent. It is estimated that China's annual demand for high quality bearing steel is about 0.3 million tons, excellent bearing steel is about 0.48 million tons, and the general bearing steel is about 0.8 million tons.

As the domestic leading bearing steel manufacturing enterprise, Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd has actively promoted the updating of the existing equipment¡¢technical transformation and processing innovation, meanwhile the company has engaged in the researching &developing of the high quality clean bearing steel according to the market demand since from the end of 2008. Now it have obtained the final researching results, the successful development of the high quality clean bearing steel could meet the demand of the high quality bearing steel for some enterprises, meanwhile it also could enhance the level & quality of other special steel from Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd, which may also creat better economic & social benefits.

The experts believed that the using effect of the products which were developed by Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd is quite well, the economic & social benefits were obvious, the technical parameter of each project have reached the contract's requirments, meanwhile the expenditure is reasonable after listening to the report and reviewing the relevant materials. Thus, they agreed that this projec has passed the acceptance and evaluation, at the same time, they all believed that the overall situation of this project has reached the domestic leading level.

The implementation of this project could improve other related products' quality, and the developing condition of new products, mainly for the gear steel, millitary steel and steel for oil, etc. During the implementation of this project, Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd also carried out the excellent strategic, introduced many talents, technology, equipment, process, the comprehensive upgrade of the products, therefore to enhance the overall management and improve the quality level of the company.