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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

How to Remove Bicycle Bearing Cones

On bicycles, the term "cone" commonly refers to the cone-shaped nuts on the ends of a hub axle. Whenever servicing the hub, bearing cone removal is often necessary. Because of the special shape, cones require a designated "cone" wrench. The wrench is narrow, and fits in the small space between the bearing cone and the lock nut. When removing bearing cones from the rear hub axle, the cassette will first need to be removed from the side of the wheel. Front hub axle cones do not require this step. Either wheel will first need to be removed from the bicycle.Ball Bearing, Ball Bearings , Deep Groove Ball Bearing


Cassette Removal

  • 1

    Set the wheel on its tire on the ground with the cassette facing away.

  • 2

    Insert the proper cassette removal tool through the center of the cassette. Not all cassettes are designed alike. If purchasing a cassette removal tool for the first time, check that it is compatible with your cassette.

  • 3

    Wrap the chain portion of a chain whip across the top of one of the cassette sprockets. Hold the handle somewhere between the two- and three-o'clock position.

  • 4

    Fit an adjustable wrench onto the flat section of the cassette removal tool. Hold the handle between the nine- and ten-o'clock position.

  • 5

    Rotate the two handles down, loosening the cassette lock ring. Remove all tools and finger-loosen the lock ring the remainder of the way. Lift the cassette free of the side of the wheel.