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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

International Bearing Industry Technology Status and Development Trend

Bearing industry as machinery basic industries, the level of its technology on a country¡¯s level of development of industrial technology with a representative of a certain significance. If we say that a country does not have the bearing industry is not a complete sense of the industrialized countries, then one does not have the advanced technical level of the country bearing, it is difficult to say that one has the advanced manufacturing technology countries. At present, the Head, Europe, the United States accounted for half of the world bearing large market.

1. Bearing introduced international advanced features

(1) Japan NSK Bearings

NSK was founded in 1916, is Japan¡¯s first domestic design and production of bearings manufacturer. For decades, NSK has developed countless new bearings, to meet the needs of users around the world, and industrial development and technological progress has made a significant contribution. At the same time NSK Precision processing by virtue of its technical superiority, and constantly develop auto parts, high precision mechanical components, precision and advanced products in the electronic application areas such as active diversification. NSK in the world more than 20 countries and regions to establish a sales network and has more than 30 factories, the industry ranked tied for first place in the world.

(2) Sweden SKF bearings

SKF engineers are often excellent team to audit all factories in the production process of the operation. Ford¡¯s U.S. supplier of quality evaluation system covers not only products, performance, design and manufacturing; more on suppliers to provide technical support capabilities for the timely supply, market leadership, price positioning, adaptability and flexibility, and innovation in several aspects of performance assessment, and were awarded Best of Show "Q1 quality first trophy," as Ford¡¯s automotive suppliers in the 20 SKF factories in full to receive this award.

SKF has also won the General Motors, Volkswagen, Mexico, Nissan, Chrysler, Rolls Royce, Audi, British Rail, Black & Decker, Yatelake Copco awarded a similar honor.

(3) Germany FAG Bearings

A symbol of the highest achievements of German industrial technology is widely used in all walks of life, the other brand bearings can not be qualified areas are representative, high-speed, high-precision spindle bearings, speed limit is higher than any other brand. Superior characteristics which generally are reflected in all of FAG bearings, that is the limit with high speed and carrying capacity.

Compared with those imported bearings, China¡¯s Harbin Bearing, Luoyang Bearing, ZWZ will have to inferior to some, but now bearing the production level are also moving forward.

2. Bearing in key technologies

(1) Modern simulation technology

Modern computer simulation technology with wide application and rapid development. The technology specific approach is to use operating conditions of a load bearing direction, size, lubrication, rotation speed and environmental parameters, as well as bearing the main parameters input into the computer at the same time, through the calculus to understand the life of bearings may reach to evaluate bearing the suitability of the design. This test method can significantly shorten the testing time, reduce manpower and testing funds had been manufactured in the bearing before the completion of advance that its application results, is a quick and worry of the test method. Advanced Bearing Industries SKF, NTN Bearing simulation techniques in research has reached advanced level.

At present, the domestic bearing test methods are mainly four kinds: friction and wear test, test bench, test room (Proving Ground) simulation test, the actual running test conditions. Abroad on the above-mentioned four kinds of test methods are used, but not the same application purpose, for example, developing a new product, first of all need to do friction and wear test. However, if the friction and wear the form of little change, only the product size, subject to conditions set out changes, then only do bench, can be simulated or actual running test. Abroad on a number of key parts of new products (such as wheel bearings, etc.) very strict examination must be approved by the practical operation test before they were allowed to supporting the use of. Sweden¡¯s SKF, Japan NTN Bearing recent simulation study of technology, can only substitute bench, simulation or experiments, to shorten product design time and accelerating product development progress, but also from the difference in the actual operation. At present, China¡¯s bearing industry, friction and wear tests have been undertaken, only the Luoyang Bearing Research Institute 1; have been undertaken bearing bench, there are Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Shanghai Institute axis, Hangzhou Bearing Test Center and Wafangdian, Harbin 20 bearing more than the state-owned enterprises; can begin their simulations are Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Hangzhou Bearing Test Center, and Xiang-axis and so on. But to the actual conduct of tests, only in supporting the host company to put forward the request to be carried out before bearing manufacturers. In short, the domestic carrying out simulations and tests in actual operation is not extensive, should be further expanded host range or scope of the actual operating conditions for the simulation test mentioned in the same way as soon as possible make full hardware and software to prepare.

(2) Lubrication Technology

Rolling in motion due to constant wear and tear resistance to bearing failure, grease (oil), and lubrication of different methods for reducing bearing friction and wear different results. Therefore, bearing lubrication technology has become an important component of technical studies. Some people put grease (oil) known as "the fifth bearing parts thereof" (other for the inner ring, outer ring, rolling body cage).

Hindered by the rolling resistance of bearing rotation friction, sliding friction, and friction lubricant composition. When the rolling bodies roll Road in the rolling friction occurs when scrolling; sliding friction in the rolling body cage guide surface of the rib cage guide surface of, as well as roller bearings in the roller end face and rings on the wall. Lubricants from lubricants in contact with friction at the internal friction and lubricants formed by mixing and extrusion. The total friction of a bearing that is rolling friction, sliding friction and lubricant friction is the sum of the resistance movement resistance bearings. The task of lubrication technology research is the development of different grease (oil) and its lubrication to bearings of least resistance, the longest life expectancy.

On common operating conditions of the bearing grease (oil), foreign advanced industrial countries in technology and production has been completely cross the border, has formed a series of variety and volume production capabilities, the current major trend is to study some special cases, to improve the performance of grease, If being studied to improve space use of vacuum grease perfluoro ether stability, shifting nature of climbing, as well as viscosity-temperature performance, etc.; Another example is low fat, although there are better results in the application, but its lubrication mechanism of failure to have a good theory described. Again, research in high-temperature (200 ~ 4000 ¡ã C) using gaseous lubricant. China¡¯s current research tasks Bearing Lubrication extremely heavy, if funding permits, should focus on resolving the following problems: First, to enhance existing sealed bearing grease life at room temperature environment; second, to improve low-noise bearing grease vibration performance;

Third, research and development of new varieties of common operating conditions bearing grease.

(3) Sealing Technology

Recent developments in bearings, are installed at both ends there is a corresponding side sealing device. The one hand, its role is to protect the bearing grease inside the (oil) will not be lost in use to ensure the lubrication of bearings in the state; the other hand, is to protect the bearings, so that external dust or harmful gases would not enter the bearing cavity, so as to avoid bearing the risk of injury. Common are rubber or plastic of the ring, but also the seal plate punching (or dust cover). Variety of sealing structure, sealing the effect not the same. Sealing Technology research and development is mainly applied to different operating conditions of the corresponding sealing device, and the grease seal ring material and the corresponding communion and so on.

Japan¡¯s several major bearing company (Seiko, Japan, etc.) on behalf of the bearing seal technology development. They seal technology in the development of device technology development direction and bearing in early history, research depth and sealing technology is more mature now. From a single seal lip developed into multi-lip seal, from the contact seals to develop non-contact seals, etc.; from the product type, ball bearings, roller bearings are. China to follow international trends, but also developed a ring of deep groove ball bearings, water pump bearings, railways (tapered roller) bearings, needle roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings bearing several major categories, including production of deep groove ball bearings the largest and most widely applied surface. According to Bureau of Technical Supervision recently sealed bearings on China¡¯s quality inspection results, our larger design of sealed bearings, sealing effect is not good, drain fat phenomenon is more serious and the user a strong reaction. After analysis, the main reason is that China¡¯s current seal design structure is irrational, with no inner seal groove, together with manufacturing precision is not high.

(4) noise reduction technology

Bearing noise is the importance of environmental pollution, but also bearing industry, an important indicator of the need to control, especially for household appliances, office machinery, instruments bearing noise limit is even more prominent. The past 10 years, China¡¯s bearing industry in reducing bearing noise, a lot of work done, so that bearing noise levels greatly improved, but in comparison with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap between the user reflects the notable example is the "different tone" problem, Bearing in operation that the sudden emergence of a irregular sound, and even screams. There are many factors bearing noise impact, but also very complex and needs to the overall design of bearings, bearing parts of each one - inner ring, outer ring, cage, rolling body and lubricants (grease) to analysis and research is also needed from the bearing of each a part of the materials used, plus -1-212 art works used in the process as well as the equipment, process materials, etc. to the analysis and study. This is a bearing noise, the basic content of related technologies.

Technological development is endless, despite the company¡¯s advanced bearings (NSK, SKF, etc.) bearing noise level has been high, but still further direction of development, namely, "quiet" bearings development.