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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The Rolling bearing identification and assessment

An intuitive look at bearings, you can look at its smoothness (or roughness), the quality of a good one see at a glance, do not say more. Further see, you can hold in your hand bearing, forced to turn a switch to see if it movedVerySmooth and natural, there is no noise.

General use of the nsk of 6XXXX series bearings, indeed useful,is Expensive than the domestic prices more than doubled. But it is a high life expectancy, compared to the majority of Chinese-made bearings is concerned, one can use the top two. Therefore, the price is still cost-effective.

There are bearings in Singapore, quality, range between nsk and domestic. Prices do not know. However, bearing on the country name in Singapore.

Harbin, China-made bearings, I used to buy such a comparison benefits. Quality is considered good. But the long dry tone with some big need lubrication, or wish to rust.

Selling professional bearings are not many stores, you can go to the local hardware store to buy crowding together. (Selling auto parts, motorcycle fittings, belt where there may be) you will not take up shop, and generally have such a store will hit a fixed bearing a very eye-catching sign. To buy tickets when you call them to develop normally will not fakes.