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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Tips On Usage Of Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are one major invention that was done during the industrial revolution which has galvanized the whole manufacturing and other related industries. Before the ball bearings were invented a big part of the effort went in making sure that machines were able to take the load using some primitive load bearing methods. These methods then generated so much heat and effort went in cooling off the machine as well as in replacing the damaged parts.

Ball bearings reduced the damage to the machinery as the load bearing was shifted from the actual parts to small steel balls encloses in two sleeves which are the outer and the inner sleeves. These sleeves shield the ball from direct pressure and the pressure is transferred by the balls from the outer sleeves to the inner sleeve.

Based on the usage of the bearings several types of ball bearings are now used in the industry and they are rollers bearings and thrust bearings. Further refinement was done in both the types to take angular loads and these were then called tapered roller bearings and the tapered thrust bearings.

Thrust bearings are used to take on large thrust loads and are used mainly in the car transmissions and gears.

The basics behind the roller bearings is the simple principle that easier to roll than to slide because the two surfaces in contact have a lesser area of contact and that helps in reducing the friction as opposed to sliding which has larger area in contact and which means that there will be more friction.

The material used for manufacturing of ball bearings is mostly hardened steel. This hardened steel is very strong and can withstand large amount of pressure. Though the disadvantage in steel is that there is wear and tear as large amounts of heat is generated plus it can absolutely break down under intense heat.

The alternative to steel is ceramic which are know to be stiffer than steel and can withstand more amount of heat than the steel ball bearings. They do not wear and hence are more likely to be sued where there is more heat likely to be generated.

Ball bearings is an integral part of any machinery nowadays but that said choose the right kind of ball bearings keeping mind the factors like the heat generated and the amount of pressure that will be generated. Plus each manufacturer has its own version of the ball bearings so research well before you order.