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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

What Is the Difference Between a Sealed Motor Bearing & an Open Bearing?

      A ball bearing refers to a device used to restrict linear or rotational movement between two parts. Motor bearings can take the form of either sealed or open bearings, both of which offer certain advantages and disadvantages.

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  1. Open motor bearings contain no seals, or are not shielded from outside elements. Sealed motor bearings contain an outer shell, called a shield, which encloses the bearing components.


  2. Open motor bearings come at the cheapest price due to their lack of a shield element. Sealed motor bearings, pricier than open bearings, vary in expense based on the type of seal materials used.


  3. Open motor bearings, though easier to lubricate and capable of a better spin than sealed bearings, can suffer in performance if debris clogs the bearing components. Open motor bearings can also lose lubrication due to lack of a seal. Sealed motor bearings keep debris out and lubrication in, helping ensure better performance and a longer working lifespan.