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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Proper lubrication and maintenance can play a maximum bearing life.

1. grease lubrication

 Re-lubrication of Bearing is planned before equipment downtime , and on a regular basis to supplement.The same time, get rid of the old grease or oil spills through the air to go out of the old grease. Prior to joining the fresh oil ,  nozzle should wipe clean.

2.lubricating oil lubrication

Periodic inspect of oil level and oil lubricant quality.Under normal circumstances, the normal oil level should be mark 1/3-2/3 range of the equipment .fill the oil with oil cup, and the oil cup Petroleum bit less than the total volume of 1 / 4 could be considered fill oil.

use of oil bath type lubrication system. if the oil temperature below 60 (140 F) , and the oil have not been contaminated. Then the oil can be replaced once a year. If the oil temperature at 60-100 (140  -210 F), then it needs to replace oil four times a year. If the oil temperature at 100-120 (210-250 F), then once a month need to replace oil. If the oil temperature at 120 (250 F) above,  Then once a week,.

  The correct installation and maintenance is an important factor in the normal operation of bearings. At the same time, we must pay attention to maintaining the cleanliness of bearing. Bearings must be protected from contaminants and moisture contamination, you must have the correct security Installation and lubrication.