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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Common lubrication methods for rolling mill bearing

A, lubrication method

Roller bearing of lubrication in principle and the other of rolling bearings lubrication is basically the same, just roller bearings working conditions is poor, their performance can acquire effective play depends largely on the lubrication.
Roller bearings by lubrication method basically has grease and oil lubrication.

Grease-lubricated grease of both sealing function, seal structure and lubricating grease convenience simple, supplementary facilities for so long, working conditions allow, roller bearings are generally adopt grease.

Lubricate the cooling effect of strong, and can from bearings away dirt and moisture. Roller bearings by oil lubrication lubrication methods have pressure oil-supplied lubrication, oil injection lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil-gas lubrication.

Pressure oil-supplied lubrication is regular speed roller bearing the most effective lubrication method.

Injection lubrication is with certain pressure will lubricants by installed in bearing on one side of the injection nozzle spray into the bearings internal lubrication, normally used in high-speed roller bearings, or pressure lubrication cannot satisfy the requirement supply cooling of the occasion.

Spray lubrication is will contain oil mist dry compressed air spray to bearing internal lubrication, use oil quantity is little, because airy action, the cooling effect is extremely strong, mainly used for rolling speed is high and rolling high precision of large roller bearings, or used in bearing box often do not remove rolling bearings.

Fuel injection pressure lubrication and lubricate all need installed into or out of tubing, lubrication pump, oil storage device, sometimes need lubricating oil cooler, therefore, cost is higher, general roller bearing fewer adopted.

Second, configure type

(1), self-aligning roller bearings

Early rolling mill bearing in rolling mill in configuration of different types and now, when mainly adopts two sets of spherical roller bearing tied for installation in the same roller neck. This configuration types satisfy basically was production conditions, rolling speed can reach 600rpm. But as the speed increase, its faults are becoming more and more serious: bearing life is short, the consumption of large, finished product low accuracy, roller neck badly worn, rolling roller to flee moving big etc.

(2), four row cylindrical roller bearing + thrust bearings

Cylindrical roller bearing diameter and roller neck by a tight fit, radial force with load of great capacity and limit high speed, high precision, inside and outside circle separable and interchangeable, easy processing, production cost, and easy to install and disassemble, Thrust bearing axial force, concrete structure types according to the mill features to choose.

Overloaded vehicles, match with thrust roller bearings, with a small axial clearance to bear thrust the load. When rolling speed is high, match with Angle contact ball bearing, not only limit speed is high, and the work when axial clearance can be controlled strictly. Make roll get close axial guide, and can withstand general axial load force.

This type of bearings configuration has not only axletree lifespan, high reliability, and has high precision, easy rolling finished product control, and many other advantages, so, at present most widely used, more for wire mill, plate mill, metal wood mill, double support roller mill of cold rolling mill and used the back-up roller etc.

(3), four row circular cone roller bearings

Taper roller bearings can both radial force, but also bear the axial force, furnished without thrust bearing, so host appears more compact. Tapered roller bearing diameter and roller neck with pine cooperate, erection and dismantling of very convenient, but sometimes for loose with caused by sliding creep, so often machining diameter spiral oil groove.

This configuration type at present application is still is wider, such as four roll used and cold rolling mill of work roll machine, steel rolling mill, country.three such occasions roll.