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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The most common reasons of bearing early damage

A, installation improper (about accounted for 16% of)
1 and when installation, use brute force with a hammer percussion bearing on the bearing damage directly is greatest; The main reason is caused by deformation.
2, installation does not reach the designated position, install a deviation or not loaded to bearing bits, causing bearing clearance is too small. Internal and external circle not at the same rotation center, result in different heart.
Suggestion: choice of appropriate or professional bearing installation tools, installation ends with special apparatus detection.
Second, bad lubrication (approximately 50%)
According to the survey, bad lubrication is causing bearing premature failure is one of the main reasons why. Main reasons include: not seasonable charging lubricant or lubricant, Lubricant or lubricant not charging in place; Lubricant or improper selection of lubricant, Lubrication method is not correct, etc.
Suggestion: choosing the correct lubricant or lubricating oil, use the correct lubrication charging ways.
Three, pollution (about 14%)
Pollution can also lead to premature failure, bearing pollution means have dust and metal scraps into the bearings inside. Main reasons include: before using the premature open bearing packaging, cause pollution; When installation work environment is not clean, cause pollution; Bearings working environment is not clean, working medium pollution, etc.
Suggestion: before use best don't disassemble bearing packing; When installation, keep clean, installation environment to want to use bearings cleaning, Enhance bearing sealing devices.
Four, fatigue (about 34 percent)
Fatigue damage is bearing common damage way. Common fatigue damage could be because bearing long-term overloaded operation, Failed to timely maintenance; Maintenance unsuitable; Equipment aging.
Suggestion: proper selection of bearing types, regular change in time fatigue bearings.
The above is the most common cause bearing early damage of several reasons; Cause bearing early damage reason is various, above is main consideration reason, sometimes may be comprehensive reasons. If bearing type selection, installation way right correct lubrication method and lubricants in place, choose the right, the bearing can be normal work very often in time.