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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

How to resume the damaged bearing back to prototype

1, stripping

  Injuried Status:When the bearings can not enduce the load rotation any longer , the inner and outer ring raceway or rolling appear Delamination .

 Reason: It is caused by the heavy load .  Uncorrect Installation(non-linear) leads to foreign matters or water's intrusion . Poor lubrication, lubricants are unsuitable and  bearing clearance is inappropriate. Bearing box  is not accurate, the bearing box's   rigid is unequal and shaft deflection  rust a lot, erosion points, abrasions and indentation (surface deformation phenomena) .

  Measures:Check the level of the load and re-check the  bearing used to improve the installation method and  the seal and also prevent the rust when it is stopped  . Use the appropriate viscosity of the lubricant to improve the lubrication method. Check the accuracy of the Shaft and bearing box as well as the clearance.  

2, skinning

  Injuried Status:The dark face shows the slight wear.   There is a number of tiny cracks whose deep from the surface is 5-10m inside surface of the dark face  and also occurred in the large-scale micro-off (micro-strip).

  Reasons:The lubricant is inappropriate . Foreign matters come into the lubricant. The rough surface is caused by the bad lubricant.The surface smooth finish of the matching trundle components is not good.

Measures: Choose the proper lubricant to improve the sealing device and improve the surface finish  of the matching rolling parts.

3, card injury

 Injuried Status: The so-called card injury is the surface injury which was due to the injuries resulting from minor burned parts of the slip surface and also the linear scar of the slide surface and rolling surface circumferential direction. The pendulum  Linear scar of the roller face  is near the card torus injury of Axle collar surface on the roller face  .

 Reasons: Too much load and preload cause it. Poor lubrication. Foreign matters come into the bite.The tilt of inner and outer ring,Shaft deflection,the unaccuracy of the bearings and bearing boxes.

  Measures: Check the load size. Pre-press should be appropriate. Improve lubricants and methods of lubrication . Check the accuracy of the shafts and the bearing boxes .

4, fracture

  Injury Status: The so-called fault is due to Raceway round of the wall or corner roller to exert a local part of the  shocks or excessive loads lead to a small part of the fault.

  Cause: When  installatedŁ¬Bearing was taken a hit. too large Load .use uncorrectly  Such as  fall .

  Measures: to improve the installation method (using the hot-loaded, use the appropriate tools folder). Correct the load conditions.  installat Bearing in place by the supporting ribs.


5, crack

   Injury Status: The so-called crack is that the rolling body raceway wheel or crack is damaged. If you continue to use, it will  develop crack.

  Reason: too large amount of interference. Too much load, impact load. Peel develop. Cone Axis cone angle is negative. Degree of cylindrical axis is non-performing.

  Measures: the suitable amount of interference . Check the load condition. To improve the installation method. The shape  of axis should be appropriate. 


6, the dimples

  Injury Status: when bearings bite into something ,such as the small metallic powderˇ˘ the foreign body,and so on.Bearing generates  dent on the surface raceway . when installated,it subjects to the impact. the rolling body forms a concave  Surface (Brinell hardness indentation).

  Reason:  bite in matter as metal powder and other foreign matter . When Assembled and transported, it shocks and its load is too large.
  Measures: the sleeve of impact. To improve the seal. Filtere lubricants. To improve the assembly and ways of use. 



  Injury Status: As a result of the friction surface or rolling surface raceway, roller-end, shaft ring concave surface cause abrasion.

 Reason: foreign body penetrated, caused by development of rust corrosion . Poor lubrication. the rolling bodies of irregular movements causes skidding. 

Measures: to improve the seal. Cleaning bearing box. Fully filtere oil. Check lubricants and lubrication methods. Prevent non-linear.