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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

How to maintain water pump bearings

    (1) new uses of water pumps, generally must be replaced after 100 hours running grease (oil), after every 500 hours to replace 1.

    (2) The flow of grease lubricated bearings, running 1500 hours, replace the grease, add the oil is not too much or too little, too much or too little because the grease will cause bearings fever, refueling the general master in the bearing chamber volume of 1 / 2 to 2 / 3 is appropriate.

    (3) for the use of oil lubricated bearings, oil should be added to the specified location.

    (4) Sheng oil or grease to a clean container, usually should be sealed and should not have dust, iron filings and other debris to prevent damage to the bearings

    (5) motor bearings generally use the sodium base grease, this grease can be characterized by high temperature (125
), but easily dissolved in water, so we can not use it for pump bearing lubrication.