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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

which Cleaning Products to Use to Clean Skate Bearings

    Commercial Cleaners

  1. According to, there are several skate bearing cleaning products and tools that skaters recommend. Bio-O-Kleen is a product that eliminates grease and dirt deposits without using harsh chemicals and is non-toxic. The website also recommends Boss Citrus Cleaner, which uses oils derived from orange peels to break down and remove oils from the bearings. It is an environmentally friendly product as well. If you prefer a more traditional product, use WD-40, which is an all around grease removal spray. WD-40 has the considerable benefit of being readily available at nearly every department store, whereas the aforementioned products may need to be ordered online. Ball Bearing, Ball Bearings , Deep Groove Ball Bearing ,

    Cleaning Tools

  2. If the dirt buildup on your skate bearings is particularly stubborn, you can use tools to clean the bearings. suggests that you use the tip of a safety pin to remove dirt from obscured nooks and crannies on the bearing. Be careful not to damage the metal with your safety pin. You can also use a toothbrush to gently brush away the dirt particles. Use the toothbrush in combination with the above referenced cleaning materials. If you are particularly concerned about dirt and grease, you can use an ultrasonic cleaning machine. These machines are expensive because they use ultrasonic sound waves to eliminate dirt buildup.

    Cleaning Products to Avoid

  3. Skate bearings are typically fully enclosed and made from metal and nylon materials. You should always avoid caustic cleaners that will damage the metal or nylon material. indicates that you should avoid using acetone, which is the basic ingredient in nail polish remover. Acetone is corrosive and will deteriorate the nylon material on the skate bearing. For similar reasons, avoid using lighter fluid or gasoline; they break down plastic or petroleum based products, which are basic components of nylon. Finally, you should avoid paint thinner for the same reasons mentioned above.